Fixed Orthodontics

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Incognito lingual braces

Orthodontie linguale Incognito Geneve

Lingual braces use a system of brackets and wires similar to traditional braces. The major difference lies in their placement on the inner side of the teeth, near the tongue, making them almost invisible.

Their main advantage is customization: tailor-made in a laboratory from precise dental impressions, these orthodontic devices are designed for optimal fit.

The metal wires, shaped by a robotic system, ensure maximum precision in your orthodontic treatment, thus ensuring efficiency and optimal duration. To reduce the risk of allergic reactions, Incognito technology incorporates a gold alloy in the composition of the wires and brackets.

Advantages of Incognito™
invisible orthodontic treatment

Wide range of orthodontic cases

The Incognito™ system is versatile, capable of treating a wide variety of dental malocclusions, including complex cases. Its flexibility makes it suitable for almost all patients, regardless of age or the specifics of the orthodontic case.

Practically invisible

Incognito™ brackets are applied to the inner side of the teeth, facing the tongue, making them invisible during social interactions. This aspect is particularly appreciated by adults and teenagers concerned about aesthetics.

High therapeutic precision

Each component of the Incognito™ system is custom-made, ensuring a precise fit to each patient's dental morphology. This customization allows for a more targeted application of orthodontic force, increasing the treatment's effectiveness.

100% Customized and Perfect Fit

Incognito™ devices are fully customized, made from detailed dental impressions of the patient. This ensures optimal fit, increased comfort, and better treatment efficiency.

Rapid Results

The average treatment duration with Incognito™ is generally between 12 and 18 months, although this can vary depending on the complexity of the case. The precision of the technology contributes to a faster progression towards the desired result.

No stains on the enamel of the front teeth

Unlike traditional braces attached to the outer surface of the teeth, the Incognito™ system, fixed on the inner side, eliminates the risk of discoloration or stains on the visible enamel of the teeth. This preserves the aesthetics of the smile during and after treatment.

Orthodontie linguale Incognito Geneve

FAQ on lingual orthodontics

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The lingual orthodontics technique is an interesting solution for all adult or adolescent patients who wish to correct their misaligned teeth without aesthetic constraints. Lingual braces work particularly well when individual teeth need to be straightened or the jaw needs to be widened.

The treatment lasts on average 12 to 18 months. Only in the most complex cases can it reach 24 months. Today, there are even rapid treatments of 6 to 8 months when you only want to align a few teeth (Incognito Lite).

The braces are made from a special gold alloy. This technology is therefore also suitable for patients allergic to nickel. Due to the flat profile of the brackets, wearing comfort and speech are not affected. Another advantage of the flat profile is easier cleaning of interstices.

The cost of an Incognito treatment depends on the type of misalignment and the dental correction to be made. During your first visit, the orthodontist makes an accurate diagnosis, allowing for a customized treatment plan. You will then receive a personalized quote.

No, the duration of the treatment is not longer. The wearing time of fixed braces is essentially determined by the extent of misalignment. As the inner surface of the tooth is harder and more resistant than the front, the lingual technique offers optimal conditions for a gentle, effective, and invisible orthodontic treatment.

Self-Ligating Braces

In Geneva, our orthodontist favors In-Ovation self-ligating braces, an advanced alternative to traditional metal braces. This innovative technology eliminates the need for elastics, reducing orthodontic appointments and dental friction.

Designed to adapt to your physiology, they ensure high therapeutic precision and superior comfort thanks to their sleek and smooth design.

They incorporate a specialized clip, replacing elastics, which reduces pressure on the teeth and requires fewer adjustments, thus speeding up alignment.

Braces can trap food in small spaces. Thorough brushing after each meal or a simple water rinse is essential for dental health during treatment.

Advantages of
self-ligating braces

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Lavage dents appareil dentaire

Interceptive Orthodontics

Orthodontiste enfant Geneve

With each smile, a rainbow of colors is offered to your child, making the journey to aligned teeth and a healthy jaw both fun and comfortable.

Interceptive orthodontics for children, a type of preventive treatment, aims to guide and correct the growth of teeth and jaws at an early stage.

Our approach begins with a detailed consultation, where we use panoramic radiography and 3D scanning to accurately analyze your child’s mouth. This allows us to effectively treat malocclusion problems before the end of bone growth, making future treatments simpler and less invasive.

However, it is important to note that even after successful interceptive treatment, most children will require braces in adulthood for fine adjustments. During the orthodontic journey, we encourage active parental participation, both during consultations and regular appointments, to ensure comprehensive and personalized follow-up.

Each step of the treatment is carefully planned and explained, providing your child with an optimal care pathway for a healthy and harmonious smile.