The dental practice

Meilleur orthodontiste Geneve Dental Geneva 2

Our values and expertise

Founded in 2018 by Dr. Victoria Masserey Klimovich, Dental Geneva embodies excellence in dental care, combining respect, efficiency, kindness, and safety.

Our dental practice is led by professionals passionate about dental medicine. Dr. Masserey Klimovich, who studied biomedical sciences at the prestigious King’s College London and specialized in orthodontics, brings unparalleled expertise, particularly in treatments with Invisalign clear aligners and orthodontics for children.

Every member of our team, from general dentists to specialists in implantology, cosmetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry, and orthodontics, offers personalized advice and tailored solutions. Our interdisciplinary approach ensures accurate diagnoses and comprehensive care.

Dr. Nathalie Syvak, a specialist in aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry as well as canal treatment, and Dr. Thierry Caro, an expert in dental surgery and oral implantology, are perfect examples of the excellence and diverse skills within our team.

We are proud of our ability to integrate dedicated professionals, such as Dr. Bruno Gauthier, who tackles public health challenges such as periodontitis, Dr. Charlene Kasaven, a specialist in pediatric dentistry, and Dr. Aurelija Stravinskaité, a general practitioner, who also contribute to the richness of our practice.

A comfortable and modern setting

State-of-the-art equipment, optimal responsiveness

At Dental Geneva, we are equipped with all the necessary technology to handle even the most complex dental cases on-site. Thanks to our cutting-edge digital radiology equipment, we can quickly identify and treat dental and tissue lesions often invisible to the naked eye, such as hidden cavities. This advanced technology significantly reduces the patient’s exposure to X-ray radiation, 50 to 75% lower than traditional analog systems. Radiographic images are available immediately, facilitating detailed analysis and effective collaboration among our specialists. At Dental Geneva, this ability to diagnose and intervene quickly and accurately ensures that our patients receive not only safer but also more comfortable and efficient care.