Professional Tooth Whitening

Safe procedure for long lasting results

Your smile looks beautiful on you, you should wear it more often.

Our whitening protocol involves an application of a specialised gel to the clean surfaces of the teeth.


This innovative whitening gel, with the use of light energy and photosensitisers, divides the active ingredient (hydrogen peroxide) into highly reactive oxygen at the "speed of light".


This greatly reduces time spent in the dental chair as well as smaller active ingredient concentration, producing tooth whitening with no side effects and natural, long-lasting result.


This treatment avoids dehydrating the enamel, that causes dentine sensitivity, often associated with traditional tooth bleaching. Unlike all other whitening treatments, it does not contain desensitising agents.


While respecting the enamel, the whiteness of the teeth is natural, stable and durable and it will not be necessary to adopt a specific diet regime after the treatment nor use remineralising products.