Did you have braces as a child and now your teeth have moved? But you are mortified from the thought of having braces again… Are you concerned about aesthetics and having a visible orthodontic treatment is just not an option for you?

Invisalign transparent aligners may be the solution. Clear plastic aligners may well be the solution. Using intra-oral scanning and 3D printing technology, we are able to fabricate perfectly fitting aligners custom made just for you.

Pose de gouttières Invisalign à Genève Cornavin

Invisalign remains the top aligner company on the market. Research and development of the aligner system Invisalign has allowed us treat problems which were only solvable with braces before. Dr Victoria Klimovich is a gold provider. By carefully analysing your records, your treatment plan is evaluated in order to achieve perfect tooth alignment. Algorithms integrated into the 3D software, help us program the exact amount of force for each tooth movement.

You are free to remove the aligners any time if you wish so, but the optimal wear is 20-22 hour a day. Treatment with aligners can be as short as 3 months for small aesthetic correction of the front teeth. Now everyone, no matter what age, can have a perfect smile. Forget braces, unleash your smile!

After analyzing your dental record, we carry out a processing plan using the algorithms of the 3D software. We program the exact amount of force needed to realign each tooth throughout the treatment. You can remove the aligners at any time if you wish, but we recommend wearing them for a minimum of 20 hours a day for effective treatment. The duration of treatment ranges from a few months to two years, depending on the complexity of your treatment.

Self-ligaturating rings

Fixed appliances (braces) are the most widely used treatment in the world.

Each brace is individually affix to a teeth with dental bonding glue, and a thin metal wire connects each of the teeth together. The braces act as handles on the wire, which moves the teeth by applying continuous pressure, in a specific direction.

This type of orthodontic treatment creates many spaces that trap food. It is therefore important to brush your teeth immediately after each meal or to rinse your mouth thoroughly with water if you can’t brush your teeth at all.

Traitement d'orthodontie à l'aide de bagues linguales au cabinet Dental geneva
dental braces, Dental Geneva orthodontist, Cornavin

In-Ovation R brackets are made with great attention to detail. Self-closing gates eliminate the need for elastic ligatures, and therefore, provide a cleaner, more aesthetic look. xxxxxx xxxxxx

Reduced friction between the brackets and the orthodontic wire helps teeth move more freely. This speeds up the alignment phase. So you will see results more quickly.

Brackets In-Ovation R

These new generation brackets
ensure that you have

  • improved comfort at your appointments
  • less time spent in the dental chair
  • easier oral hygiene
  • better gum health
  • improved appearance
Splint and wire

At the end of an orthodontic treatment, the teeth are perfectly realigned and the braces are removed.

However, it still takes several months for your teeth to stabilize in their new position, usually one to two years in children. In adults, bone growth is almost non-existent, so retention will be permanent.

The retention is done using a transparent splint similar to the Invisalign aligners, or using a wire placed on the inside of the teeth.

It is therefore intended to keep the teeth in a perfect position.

Gouttière de contention nocturne au cabinet Dental Geneva
Nocturnal retention splint
Fil de contention après traitement orthodontique au cabinet Dental geneva
Retention wire on the inner surface of the teeth