Oral hygiene and whitening

Dental scale & polish

We carry out careful scaling and polishing, taking into account your personal oral health needs.

The first step is ’scaling’ to eliminate plaque and tartar deposits. We use an ultrasound machine to remove most of the dental stone, then specialised instruments (only if required) to gently scrape stubborn deposits. Manual scaling is kept to the minimum to avoid removing of root cementum.

The next step is to “polish” the teeth to make sure their surfaces are really smooth. Polishing eliminates stains, leaving teeth shiny and glowing. It also smooths out small imperfections and rough textured areas on your teeth to prevent plaque build-up.

We remind you that dental scaling cannot replace good daily oral hygiene with twice-daily brushing (and fluoride toothpaste!).

Détartrage et polissage des dents au cabinet Dental geneva, Genève Cornavin
Détartrage et polissage des dents à Genève, Dental Geneva

Air Flow® technology

Air Flow dental polishing is the ideal way to remove stains and discolorations caused by tobacco, red wine or tea and coffee. It gently whitens teeth while completely eliminating plaque.

This is a procedure during which a mixture of water, air and flavoured sodium bicarbonate salts are sprayed onto teeth under pressure. Thanks to this technique, stains and tartar is eliminated not only from the dental surfaces, but also from the inter-dental spaces.

It is a safe and painless professional cleaning method that does not damage the enamel. After use, the teeth become whiter by 1 or 2 shades. For your comfort, a fruit flavour can be added before application.

Professional dental whitening

Our whitening protocol involves application of a specialised gel to the clean surfaces of teeth.

This innovative whitening gel, with the use of light energy and photo-sensitisers, divides active ingredient (hydrogen peroxide) into highly reactive oxygen.

It greatly reduces time spent in the dental chair (only 3 cycles of 8 minutes), producing tooth whitening with no side effects and long-lasting result. 

Blanchiment dentaire en fauteuil au cabinet Dental Geneva, Genève Cornavin

Prevention is the best cure !

We recommend that you brush twice a day for around 2 minutes each time. Manual toothbrushes are as effective as the electric ones, it all depends on your technique.

Please, do not forget to floss…

Yes we know, it’s an effort but you will save a lot of money on your future dental appointments if you can efficiently remove plaque between your teeth.

Water irrigator is a good alternative to flossing.

We can propose this handy appliance by WaterPik. Use mouthwash and water together when irrigating to stay cavity free forever!

Acheter une brosse à dents sonique Waterpik à Genève
Waterpik® water flosser
is a good alternative to flossing.