Complementary insurance for adult orthodontic treatment

If you are reading this article, it is highly likely that you are considering undergoing orthodontic treatment, such as teeth alignment for adults with Invisalign invisible aligners.

Basic-level health insurance in Switzerland (LAMal) only covers dental treatments if they are caused by a serious illness or accident. It is therefore essential to take out a complementary dental insurance policy in order to have coverage for orthodontist fees.

Coverage of dental devices for adults

Contrary to widespread ideas, no insurance company will pay the full price of orthodontic treatment. The majority of complementary insurance policies only offer 75% coverage on average, with a maximum coverage that can vary between 1000 CHF and 15,000 CHF per year.

The maximum amount of a good insurance policy should never be less than 5000 CHF. 

I recommend that you personally contact all insurance companies to request a personalised quote.

Advice of an adult orthodontic specialist

First of all, if you haven’t yet done so, I suggest that you make an appointment at Dental Geneva to get a specific quote for your needs and the cost of treatment. The cost will depend on the complexity of your misalignment and the desired aesthetic results.

Getting your needs evaluated by an orthodontist specialised in adult orthodontic treatment will allow you to choose more adapted complementary insurance, save a significant amount of money and most importantly of all, avoid unpleasant surprises.

Second piece of advice: watch out for advertisements for low-cost aligners that promise you a Hollywood smile in exchange for a couple dozen francs per month. This investment risks not meeting your expectations (you can read this article) and unfortunately, your dental insurance won’t cover a second treatment if the first doesn’t turn out how you expected.

Complementary dental insurance in Switzerland

The table below gives an example of the coverages of orthodontic treatment for adults offered by the main insurance companies.

The cost of the monthly premium is calculated for a 30-year-old male residing in Geneva.

AssureurFormulePrise en charge
des frais orthodontiques
Prime mensuelle
(en CHF)
HelsanaDENTAPlus Bronze50% des coûts, max CHF 1000.– par année civile21.4
DENTAPlus Argent75% des coûts, max CHF 2000.– par année civile40.2
DENTAPlus Or75% des coûts, max CHF 3000.– par année civile62.9
VisanaClasse 550% des coûts, max CHF 1200.– par année civile38.2
Classe 875% des coûts, max CHF 1800.– par année civile53.4
Classe 975% des coûts, max CHF 3000.– par année civile83.9
Classe 1075% des coûts, max CHF 5000.– par année civile122.1
ConcordiaVariante 250% des coûts, max CHF 1000.– par année civile33
Variante 375% des coûts, max CHF 1500.– par année civile48
Variante 475% des coûts, max CHF 2000.– par année civile62
CSSOption 150% des coûts, max CHF 1000.– par année civile27.2
Option 275% des coûts, max CHF 3000.– par année civile64.7
Groupe MutuelDentaire Plus 175% des coûts, max CHF 1000.– par année civile29
Dentaire Plus 275% des coûts, max CHF 3000.– par année civile36
Dentaire Plus 375% des coûts, max CHF 15000.– par année civile45
SanitasDental80% des coûts, max CHF 5000.– par année civile49.7

Set an appointment to get a precise evaluation of your needs and of the cost of treatment.

Dr. Victoria Klimovich

Dr Victoria Masserey Klimovich
Dr Victoria Masserey Klimovich

Orthodontist at Dental Geneva practice.
Master of Orthodontics from the University of King's College London. Member of the European Orthodontic society and Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.